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HP-UX System Support

On top of Cloud Hosting for HPUX, we provide System Support Services. Hosted at our cloud or at your location, we can take care of all system management tasks for you.


Operating System Services on all major versions:
- HP-UX 11i v3, 11i v2, 11i v1, 11.00, 10.20.
Services include:
- Boot disk troubleshooting
- System patching
- Driver installation and updates
- Disk mirroring
- Disk consistency checking
- LVM resize and maintenance
- Ignite backup, testing and restoration
- Software installation
- Service Guard Management
- VM management, maintenance and migration
- Patching impact Analysis
- Crash Dump Analysis

HPUX Support for Integrity Hardware



Data Management


Backup and Recovery


Virtualization and Analysis

HPUX Infrastructure Support


Dedicated Technical Account Manager. The TAM is your primary point of contact for all account issues and will own the management of day-to-day operations for your HP-UX environments.
Infrastructure Support:
- Entire system oversight and tuning
- Server provisioning
- Server/VM management (Power On/Off, Maintenance, Suspension, Backup)
- Security / Firewall / Key management, configuration and advisory
- Load Balancing, VPN and IP maintenance
- DNS configuration and management
- Active Directory setup and management
- Storage configuration and optimization
- Object storage management
- Cost advisory, tracking, reduction process implementation and analysis 
- Test / Dev instances management
Application Support:
- Application management, monitoring and operations (stop, start, status)
- Database setup, maintenance and provisioning
- Database Import/Export
- Applications installation
- Application troubleshooting
- Application backup and restoration
Support Services: 
- HPUX Support Services - live support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, year-round. You may submit all support requests directly to the HP-UX Support team by telephone or ticket at the contact information provided in the Guide.

Covered Markets
Resolved Tickets
Days Open
% Data availability


Monitoring and health check services.
- System Uptimev
- Hardware failure
- Resource’s performance HDD, CPU, RAM
- Service monitoring
- Port Monitoring
- Database uptime and availability
- Intrusion detection and account lockout
- High Availability monitoring

HPUX Support And Monitoring
HPUX Contact Support



- Tickets: One of the primary ways that you can interact with us is by creating a ticket.

Our automated systems will also create tickets for custom events on your applications that require either your attention or our attention. For example, our HPUX Support Guard tool will create a ticket when an alarm is raised, prompting us to triage the alarm and take appropriate action. Any time a ticket is updated, you will receive an email directing you back to the Control Panel to view the latest comments.

- Phone: You can call the 24x7x365 Support Team to speak live to an HPUX consultant, and we’ll be happy to assist. Call us at (303) 790-7172 ext. 111

HP-UX System Support

HP-UX System Support

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