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HPUX Hosting - Azure Latency

You can connect to our HPUX systems from your office or directly from Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

There is number of ways to connect, VPN site to site tunnels, VPN clients or Azure ExpressRoute.

Below you can find latency between Nicman Group Data Centers and Azure Locations.


Azure Location Nicman Denver Nicman New Jersey
Central US 24.23 41.06
East US 51.06 7.64
East US 2 55.07 12.45
North Central US 30.75 25.82
South Central US 31.27 25.3
West Central US 4.7 54.61
West US 28.83 76.79
West US 2 28.49 75.93
Nicman New Jersey 52.28  

*Latency is measured in milliseconds.

Test was performed accordingly to Azure recommendations as per:

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