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HPUX Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions


We have many well-known HP-UX clients that utilize our HP-UX cloud for development, testing and production. We work with HP-UX clients in all industries including software development, manufacturing, semi-conductor, aviation, logistics, security, travel and many more. We work with small, medium and large companies that need our HP-UX cloud for worldwide development, testing and production uses.


It is our practice to customize and configure a dedicated HP-UX system to your specific needs. HP-UX systems can be complicated and specific to our customers’ needs so we make every effort to duplicate your exact system so you will not have to address dissimilar hardware configurations that won’t meet your company’s software needs. In other words, we do not adhere to a one-size-fits-all strategy, virtual or shared environments so your private dedicated system will be customized to your exact infrastructure requirements.


Most clients connect to Nicman via a secure VPN connection that we will set up and maintain as part of our monthly service. Typically we will include as part of our service a 1x1 or 2x2 Linux server for this feature. For a one-time fee required by HP we also have several HP-UX compilers available for our clients to test their code, (ask for details).


We can configure almost any HP-UX configuration with any combination of cores, RAM, storage IOPS and back up. We have data centers in three U.S. cities; Denver, CO., Philadelphia, PA., and Jersey City, NJ. All systems built for our HP-UX clients are dedicated and private. Your system will not share compute resources with any customer besides your enterprise. In addition, our data centers are owned by Nicman and for security access is limited to Nicman employees only.


All HP-UX environments come with System Level Support service. This means your firm is instantly out of the hardware business when you host your assets at HP-UX Hosting! We can also provide 24x7x365 Application Level and DevOps support so your team can concentrate on your internal systems and let Nicman worry about your HP-UX applications and software releases in the cloud. Lastly, we have several HP-UX engineers on staff that we can arrange for an optional hourly resource should you require our assistance outside of hosting and maintaining your HP-UX environment. In many cases, we our experts have been brought in to help our clients get through the nuances found when working with HP-UX systems. We are here to help and do not require long-term contracts for adhoc HP-UX engineering assistance.


Nicman does not require long-term contracts, we are comfortable with a month-to-month commitment with a 30-day notice of cancellation. We also accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For our enterprise clients, Nicman staff will be happy to provide; Master Services Agreements, (MSA), Mutual non-disclosure agreement, (MNDA), Service Level Agreement, (SLA), Statement of work agreement, (SOW), System Level Support Agreements, (SLSA), Application level and DevOps support, (ALDS) and SOC I & II level security documents. We will be happy to provide additional HP-UX presentation material and ROI assistance for your team to share with the business, InfoSec, upper management and financial stakeholders.

Next Steps:

The next step is to connect directly with you so we can customize a quote for your needs and provide you with a budget number. Since all client needs are unique the quote we provide will be a custom quote based on your HP-UX infrastructure needs. Typically a small development 2Core x 4GB RAM HP-UX system with system level storage and VPN is well under $1,000 U.S. per month.