About Us

HP-UX Hosting is a daughter company of Nicman Group, a leading provider in a range of services, including HP UX Hosting. Nicman Group is self-funded and privately owned, and currently has three data centers, located in Denver, Co, Philadelphia, PA, and Secaucus, NJ.

With nearly ten years of experience, we specialize in HP UX hosting, data recovery and back-up, as well as provide premium dedicated and cloud hosting services, depending on our clients’ needs. Throughout the years, HP-UX Hosting has successfully cooperated with a number of Fortune 500 companies, helping them streamline their internal operations by providing bespoke hosting services.

Our professional team consists of over 50 licensed and fully qualified technicians which are happy to offer 24/7 support. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your HP UX Hosting needs!

To find more please give us a call at (973) 470-0393 contact us or complete our Pricing Form to get more information about pricing.

HP UX Hosting About Us

HP-UX Hosting - About Us
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Our Team:

CEO | Michael Szapiel – michael.szapiel@hpuxhosting.com
CTO | Martin Filipowicz – martin.filipowicz@hpuxhosting.com
CFO | Erin Beck – erin.beck@hpuxhosting.com
CSO | Adam Brown – adam.brown@hpuxhosting.com

Sale Specialists / Account Managers

Antonia Colon
Margie Ingram
Casey Bass
Jamie Sharp
Cameron Knight
Amber Ellis

IT Specialists / Technicians

Horace Ellis
Dewey Walker
Jake Brewer
Betty Chapman
Amber Henderson
Stephanie Campbell
Gary Moore
Hilda Little
Brent West
Sonia Chambers
Bobbie Simon
Maureen Sanders
Jim Perez
Alexander Bailey
Grant Cobb
Janet Wood
Nancy Mendoza
Cecil Cooper
Arnold Fuller
Kim Russell